Installing industrial electrical equipment and installing automation equipment  is an indispensable job in any construction project of a manufacturing plant, industrial plant, industrial transmission line, or workshop. In projects, installation of industrial electrical equipment and installation of automation equipment requires strict compliance with occupational safety procedures, close coordination with the construction site progress, installation process, inspection/testing process, acceptance process, trial run process, commissioning process, progress on time and quality as well as aesthetics.

Installation of industrial electrical equipment includes:

  • Installation of electrical cabinets, motor control cabinets, pump electrical cabinets, UPS
  • Install electrical equipment such as: walk/pull electrical cables, connect electrical cables in the electrical cabinet and out
  • Installation of lights, lighting, electrical boxes, etc.
  • Insulation test, continuity test, test run, acceptance test, etc.

Installation of automation equipment includes:

  • Install measuring equipment, such as: temperature measurement, level measurement, pressure measurement, flow measurement, … of ABB, Emerson, Yokogawa, Endress Hauser, GE, Honeywell, …
  • Install control valves, motors, pumps, actuators, etc. of firms such as Massoneilan, Emerson, Rotok, etc.
  • Installing central control systems, on-site control stations, etc. of companies such as Siemens, Yokogawa, Emerson, Kongsberg, Rockwell automation, etc.
  • Installation of information systems, working computers, control computers, communication network systems, surveillance cameras…
  • Check control wire, loop check, test run, alignment, acceptance test, …

Thus, in order to install industrial electrical equipment and install automation equipment to meet the requirements as mentioned above, the contractor must fully meet the following factors:

  • People are fully trained on labor safety rules when executing in industrial and civil works before performing jobs at the construction site.
  • Construction staff must be fully trained in professional skills, understand the process of installing industrial electrical equipment and installing automation equipment, inspection / testing procedures before going to the construction site to perform the work. job.
  • Fully equipped with labor protection equipment such as vests, glasses, hats, gloves, thick, earplugs (at noisy workplaces), safety belts (at high places of work),…
  • Properly and fully equipped with equipment to perform construction at the construction site such as wrenches, wrenches, screwdrivers, welding machines, cutters, drills, walkie-talkies, etc.
  • Properly and adequately equipped with measuring equipment and tools for testing such as electronic meters, hand-held rulers, …

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